Trinity Forum Europe was founded to ask important questions on life, culture and ethics through Christianity.


At Oxford, Cambridge, Edinburgh and St Andrews Universities these faith based Forums and Scriptoriums were established to create a deeper sense of community.

Scriptorium, from the Latin scriptorium or scriptorius meaning pertaining to writing, are rooms for prayer and study and in a theological context were most often found in a monastery.  In medieval times they were the place where the copying and the illumination of manuscripts took place.

During Covid 19 we have attempted to unite the different University campuses with a weekly Friday Zoom event beginning at 5pm with fascinating theological thinkers, writers and academics from all around the world.  


Trinity Forum Europe has branched out to host events at Whitehall for Christians within the Senior Civil Service.


In Edinburgh city Trinity Forum Europe includes Members of the Scottish Parliament attending discussion dinners.


Both these forums make use of the Trinity Forum Curriculum.

If you would like to learn more or would like to participate in Trinity Forum Europe activities please use the contact form or email us on