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Trinity Forum Aberdeen seeks to support postgraduate students and engage the broader public through a variety of term-time events and the weekly Scriptorium. The Scriptorium meets Mondays and Fridays at the University of Aberdeen Divinity Library and is open to all postgraduate students. For more information, please email



The Scriptorium is designed to support students by providing a structured day for research and writing amongst a community of fellow academics. The daily structure is inspired by the monastic practice of a “liturgy of hours,” while also paralleling many University-sponsored writing retreats. The day is designed to accelerate and inspire academic progress, rather than add one more obligation. For many, the Scriptorium has met a keenly felt need for structure and community, as they engage in what can be isolating research projects. The Scriptorium includes morning, midday, and closing Christian readings and prayer, while being open to students of all faiths and none.



16 February 2024 | Day of Reflection

Led by Bruce Pearson, a day dedicated to community, prayer, reflective space, and setting goals for the academic term ahead.

9 March 2024 | Apocalyptic Apologetics and the Witness of the Church

A lecture and Q&A with the Rt Revd Dr Graham Tomlin (President of St. Mellitus College; Director of The Centre for Cultural Witness; Former Bishop of Kensington).

20 May 2024 | Theological Writing Workshop

A workshop on theological writing led by Professor Karen Kilby (Bede Professor of Catholic Theology, Durham University).



10 November 2023 | Awake in Gethsemane: Bonhoeffer and the Witness of Christian Lament

Speaker: Rev. Dr. Timothy Judson

17 November 2023 | A Theology of Sin & Nature

Speaker: Dr. Daniel Pedersen

6 December 2023 | The Finality of the Gospel and the Old Enemy

Speaker: Professor Philip Ziegler

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