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Trinity Forum Cambridge (along with Trinity Forum Oxford, Edinburgh University and St Andrews University) is a network of broadly conservative undergraduates, postgraduates and academics who discuss increasingly contentious issues in culture, politics, religion and philosophy in an open and respectful way.


We hold events each term, hosting internationally renowned speakers from the academy, media and politics, both virtually and in person.





We also hold Prayer Breakfasts twice a term.  For more information please email

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With an emphasis on prayer and study, scholars at Scriptorium feel a sense of purpose in their work and support within the community.


The Scriptorium opens its doors from 9.00-16.30 on Tuesday and Wednesday every week.  Scholars come and go throughout the day.


Daily prayer is offered every morning and evening.


Lunch is provided. 

Please contact us for more information on

‘The scriptorium played a critical role in my spiritual and academic life. I probably would never have finished my PhD with a community of study and shared faith.’   PhD Philosophy student


‘Studying in a space that combines eating together, chatting around tea, praying together, and morning and evening prayer with the oftentimes abstract, lonely endeavor of academics makes the Scriptorium the only place in Cambridge where I feel like I'm taken seriously, both as an academic, but more importantly, as a person and a Christian. The Scriptorium goes beyond providing a place to study; it has been my family here in Cambridge, a loving community that is a daily encouragement. Without its focus on the integration of love, worship, life, and academics, I honestly don't know where I would find the support and the drive to keep going on my PhD journey. I treasure it more than any other aspect of my time here in Cambridge.’ Scriptorium member


‘Since becoming a regular at the Scriptorium my mental and spiritual health has drastically improved. The isolation of the PhD process can be quite overwhelming, and St Ed’s provided a source of fellowship, guidance, stability, faith, liturgy and rigorous discussion. My Cambridge experience, along with the experience of a number of my peers, would be vastly worse without it.’ Scriptorium member


This is a vital ministry to graduate students and has already been instrumental in growing young academics in a life of study and faith.


We are grateful for the help that the Trinity Forum has given to this endeavour thus far.

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