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The Edinburgh Scriptorium runs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at Carrubbers Christian Centre. Please email for more information:





The Scriptorium is designed to support students by providing a structured day for research and writing amongst a community of fellow academics. The daily structure is inspired by the monastic practice of a “liturgy of hours,” while also paralleling many University-sponsored writing retreats. The day is designed to accelerate and inspire academic progress, rather than add one more obligation. For many, the Scriptorium has met a keenly felt need for structure and community, as they engage in what can be isolating research projects. The Scriptorium includes morning, midday, and closing Christian readings and prayer, while being open to students of all faiths and none.

The Edinburgh Scriptorium began meeting in April 2019 at the Carrubbers Christian Centre on the Royal Mile. While initially it was composed of School of Divinity students from the University of Edinburgh, it has since attracted attention from other Schools within the University, and also students from Edinburgh Theological Seminary, Heriot-Watt, Edinburgh Napier, and Queen Margaret Universities.

"Regarding my experience with Scriptorium, I can say that I’ve greatly appreciated the opportunity to pray with a community of others, to have space to work regularly, and also to have an opportunity to meet new people, especially other Christians in a city where I didn’t know anyone before."


"The Scriptorium has been a “God sent” when I was looking for opportunities to write up my doctoral thesis in the company of peers. It offers a good structure for focused writing. The prayer times offer the much needed nibbles for the soul, particularly on day’s that are cramped to have a focused quiet time. I find the time we spent seeking God’s intervention on issues affecting peoples across the world quite instructional in breaking out of the 'me and mine' mould. As someone straddling multiple worlds and engaged in international policymaking, it has been an added bonus for me to hear the worldviews of other participants, particularly the framing of Christianity in Northern cultures."



13 March 2024 | The Importance of Social Trust

A Scriptorium talk and roundtable discussion with Dr. Timothy Taylor (Associate Professor of International Relations, Wheaton College).

11 April 2024 | Disability Welcome: Down Syndrome and the Search for Good Community

A conversation with researcher and political scientist Dr. Timothy Taylor exploring the politics of disability and the link between local disability rates and social health.


25 October 2023 | Research Rhythms for Productivity & Spiritual Vibrancy

A Scriptorium dialogue and roundtable discussion with Dr. Calum MacKellar (Research Director of the Scottish Council on Human Bioethics).

8 November 2023 | On the Ethics of Global Organ Aquisition

Ahead of his talk on "The Ethics of Global Organ Acquisition" at the Scottish Parliament, Dr. Trevor Stammers will speak at the Edinburgh Scriptorium.

29 November 2023 | Hope in a Conflict-Ridden World: The Promise of Loving Disagreement

A dialogue and Q&A with Rev. Dr. Christopher Landau (former BBC religious affairs correspondent and author of Loving Disagreement: The Problem is the Solution) and Rev. Canon David Richards (Rector, St. Paul's and St. George's Church in Edinburgh).

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